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Trans Zagora Trail Morocco 2018

Ranking Men

1. Ayoub Ahansal 27

2. Bart Van de Water 05

3. Bjorn Van Camp 03

4. Kamal Bouch 36

5. Jan Orye 04

6. Benny Van Genechten 14

7. Jan Van Reet 07

8. Said Harrak 01

9. Pol de Saedeleer 02

10. Rudi Van Depoel 09

11. Eddy Van Massenhoven 20

12. Alexandre Electeur 19

13. Harrie Hendricks 17

14. Kim Hellemans 15

15. François Sales 23

16. Marc Willemsens 06

17. Kenneth Verheyen 08

18. Jan Noyez 18

19. Abdelaziz

20. Zaid

21. Idir Yachou

22. Rachid Ahansal 

23. Jorge

Ranking Women

1. Sofie Pittoors 10

2. Karin Maes 12

3. Nathalie Van Roey 13

4. Annick Goossens 22

The Ahansal team is really great, they put a good atmosphere and gave everyone a smile. We had the chance to meet the Ahansal brothers, who are icons in running.

The race is very well organized.


It was my first ultra trail in the desert and I do not regret.

I advise it to any runner who wants to surpass himself in one of the most beautiful place of Morocco.

I have already registered for the next edition, I can't wait !

Electeur Alexandre, 20 years - Belgium

TOP experience and I was very lucky because I could share this experience which with my daughter Nathalie as we both participated in this TZT 2018 edition.

Every day we got to know another side of the desert and it was beautiful !

We ran, climbed, went down, walked, enjoyed and looked up our physical en mental limits.

The biggest “emo moment” was of course the finish on Day 6.

Sport and emotion, it remains a nice combination.

Maes Karin, 54 years - Belgium

In 2018, I’ve participated for the first time in the Trans Zagora Trail Morocco – what a magnificent experience !


We ran a trail of 200 km in the middle of the wonderful Moroccan desert and beautiful nature.


Everything was well prepared, we had enough provisioning and the bivouacs were super.


The organisation as well as the trail itself are at its best – I will certainly return the next year and I can only commend you to participate too.

Van Depoel Rudi, 52 years - Belgium

On a dull day in November, returning from the Kasterlee marathon , I found a flyer

under the windscreen of my car .

At first I didn’t pay attention on what was written on.

Only a few days later the text  ” Trans Zagora trail 2018” caught my eye .

My interest was right awakened. I am a Morocco lover and I have been a few times

in the desert of South Morocco. After consulting the website and a telephone call to one

of the organiser I had no more doubt:  I would participate.


Against all odds (no specific training, a few orthopaedic problems) I finished the

race in time. But that was not the most important. Spending a full week together

with a group of people of all sorts aiming for the same goal was a wonderful experience.

We all supported for each other and the friendship among all participators

became obvious.



Moreover the organisation was faultless. The main camp has all the amenities one could desire in such circumstances: hot shower, a good bed and excellent food. As well the bivouac at the big dunes was excellent value.

Daily we received adequate information regarding the race and the difficulties we could encounter. There was a good medical support.


Timing of the course , beginning march, is good. The weather  that time of the year is usually  not too hot. Sandstorms can interfere with the race planning  but we were lucky. Only one little adaption was necessary on day four ( shortening of the distance  in the big dunes).

Of course the effort should not be underestimated. But with the correct attitude and a good general condition nothing is impossible.

Most of the time I walked but this gave me more time to enjoy the fantastic scenery. At the checkpoints I took my time to rest and   to talk with the  providers .

What a great job they did!.

Only one day ( stage 5/ 48 km) I arrived at dusk. The warm welcome at the finish by the other competitors  will remain  an unforgettable  experience.


In conclusion, I enjoyed every single bit of this most wonderful week of the Trans Zagora trail and I hope I will have the opportunity to participate again.


Thank to the family Ahansal and all the organiser for this extraordinary event.

Noyez Jan, 62 years - Belgium