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Report of the TZT 2017 by Véronique Messina

May 18, 2017

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What about the Boutyous school ?



A few days ago we traveled to the Zagora region to visit the Boutyous School. We were pleasantly received by the only teacher of the school, who explained to us how the classes take place, who are the students, what actions have already been taken, ...


We had the opportunity to meet the students of the school, and to bring them a little joy with the few games, pencils and drawing books that we were able to bring them during our visit.



The School of Boutyous was built in 2008. It has long been closed for lack of teacher but has been reopened since 1 year. This allows a dozen children from the region to be educated. Unfortunately the school can accommodate only two classes, which does not allow older children to attend school.


Run to Start as well as Mohamad Ahansal would like to contribute to the changes in this region, including education and health. Initially the idea is to provide financial support through the funds raised during the Trans Zagora Trail 2017, for various actions requiring funding, such as the implementation of additional courses, the purchase of missing equipment , the setting up of a system of filtering water,...


In addition, other actions will be implemented as soon as possible. It is necessary to bring as much school material as possible, as well as books, exercise books, educational games, as soon as possible. We are working with the director of schools in the Zagora region, who will soon provide us a list of actions to be implemented, including priorities actions for children.




We will post on the website and on the facebook (@runtostart) all the actions who will be done to contribute to the development of the school of Boutyous as well as to improve the life of the inhabitants of the region, step by step.


You can help us if you want in various ways. Send us a message here and we will reach you as soon as possible. 



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